Big Blue’s mail standard is Lotus (now IBM) Notes. My work machine runs version 9.

My client engagement Associate Partner pinged me on documents he requested I send him via email to the tune of “where are they?” and then “I don’t have them”. He closed with a rousing chorus of “Get them to me now”.

Puzzled I checked my mail replication. Sure enough my outbox showed a seemingly perpetual 86% complete. I found the message in my Sent folder where I realized my error – the files in total size would choke a rhino. I failed to notice one file had several others embedded.

I sent the AP the files via a more conscientious method, then I turned back to my clogged outbox where multiple other emails waited patiently for their turn.

I knew Notes has an outbox; the current interface hides it & I couldn’t find it. After a multitude of DuckDuckGo searches I found the solution.


  1. In Notes, type [CTRL-O] to open the “Open Database” dialog.
  2. In the File field, type ’’ (no quotes).
  3. Change the File type to All Files. will be in the list.
  4. Select it and click Open.
  5. Find the file blocking the others, select it, and hit Delete.
  6. If the file doesn’t delete, try hitting [F5].

Your outbox will clear on the next sync.


You can add a bookmark in your Notes client for the outbox to make it easy to find again.


Pending mails in outbox

Subject: Pending mails in outbox

Hi Ranjit, On your workspace – press ctrl+O – that would bring up the open DB window. Now in the file field, type ‘’ and click open. That would open up your local file. Delete the emails if they are not required.


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