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While Medium.com works for many it does not work for me. My several month test of the platform left me less than impressed.

While it is nice when someone else takes care of the plumbing, I am not comfortable with the exchange.

Thus I bring my musings and ditherings and blatherings and occasional cogent insights back to my personal site.

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SNAP Validation

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Content: Creation Versus Consumption

I find myself spending time consuming content – the Web via RSS feeds (yes, they’re still in use), streaming video, and on-line radio (real radio stations and not streaming audio).

I don’t find myself creating content – on my various web sites or presentations or in social media – as much as I’d like. Sure, I podcast & tweet & G+ update & so on.

“What’s the ratio?”

I asked myself this today out of nowhere. It’s a simple question: “What’s my ratio of content consumed to content created?”

What’s reasonable? 50/50 is absurd. Maybe 10% my content to 90% consumption is a workable fraction?

Even a 1/9 ratio is absurd based on my RSS feeds. I receive over 1000 posts a day. There’s no way I can generate 10 posts per day.

Of those 1K posts, there are maybe 200 in which I show an interest. Of those, how many are tweet-able because I find them interesting but not interesting enough to write a post? Let’s say 180.

That being the case, is my issue more process than content?

I don’t have an answer. Not yet, anyway.


Web Site Maintenance 18 Oct 2014 23:00 EDT

Dear Friends,

The hosting provider is performing maintenance on the servers that host this site on Saturday 18 October 2014 at 23:00:00 EDT (Sunday 19 October 2014 at 03:00:00 UTC). They expect the maintenance to last 30-40 minutes. During the maintenance the site will be down.

Please plan accordingly.

Yours Truly,

The Management

GRRCon ticket available

I have a ticket for this week’s @GRRCon in beautiful #GrandRapids for sale at list price. Contact me on twitter at @prjorgensen if interested. #wishIweregoing


If you’re interested in my thoughts on leadership and security, do check out the PVCSec podcast. It’s coming next week. Head to pvcsec.com and on twitter follow @pvcsec for the prime cuts.

Hello, World!

Welcome to Detroit-Arsenal.com, a site about Detroit and the Metro area including our cousins across the Detroit River in lovely Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

The title comes from the nickname Detroit earned during World War II: The Arsenal of Democracy. It also just so happens that I’m an Arsenal football (soccer) fan.

Posts here will cover happenings in the area. Content will cross from Gravy Boat Beer and some of my other sites.

Please let me know what you think about the site. Comments are always welcome.



Advertising & Tracking Experiment Over

I’m turning off Google AdSense and Analytics. It wasn’t worth my time or effort. The trade off was lousy.

[Administrivia] AdSense Advertising Experiement


Part of my professional change this year includes looking for a new position with a great company. One of the jobs and employers I am considering is writing for myself.

I’m still thinking this through, then I’ll get advice from friends and family. This could go many different ways. I need more data, so I’ll perform a number of experiments in the coming weeks.

The first experiment starts this week: I’m enabling Google AdSense on this site and probably all of my others. I’m curious what the impact is both financially and from the user experience.

I am not a fan of advertising. I go out of my way to avoid it. This leaves me in a quandary, and opens me up to hypocrisy. I’ll give it 4 to 6 weeks, then re-evaluate.

What are your thoughts? Are you generally pro advertising or do you find it a distraction here and/or the rest of the web?

New Adventures in Life, the Universe, and Everything

NOTE: For those of you who came here because of my running Ubuntu 12.04 on T430s series, that is at an end. The laptop was my work machine. I’ll try to help point people to more information but I can’t provide configs or verify settings any more.

This past Tuesday I was “let go” from Magna, the company where I worked for well over a decade. Upper management’s move came out of nowhere, and a number of my now former colleagues did not see the change coming either. It was really hard to experience, it’s not something I’ve ever been through before, and I’ve no interest in experiencing it again.

I’ve got good things to say about my time at Magna. I value my time and work there. I will miss the people. I will especially miss my team.

After Tuesday’s kick in the gut I took Wednesday off to let things settle emotionally. Thursday I kicked off the job hunt.

My plan as of now on prjorgensen.com is to write about the job hunt, what I’m doing for it, and what kinds of things I should have planned for while I was gainfully employed. Looking at this change as an opportunity I will also catch up on my InfoSec and IT reading backlog, so you’ll likely see write-ups. I’ll dig into privacy issues, politics and IT, and other topics as I’m moved to write.

My personal plans and journey you will find over on Harmony Pirate.