[TokyoGringo] Fun Japan Fact – all cell phones’ cameras have a shutter sound

I tried to get service for my US iPhone 6S+ here in Tokyo. The delightful woman helping me warned me, “You know, if you swap this out you will get a Japan phone with the shutter sound. Are you sure?”

Oh. No. Not sure, and not by a long shot.

I recalled my first US trip with my JP colleagues where their shutter sound constantly disrupted slide presentation after slide presentation. I volunteered my phone for hundreds of silent slide pictures of decks later offered for download.

When I returned to Japan I found the sound ever present. I assumed the shutter sound a cultural choice, what with the Japanese camera stereotype and all. I filled it away as an annoyance like on-line banking and moved on.

I embrace my education. As I stated regularly on the PVC Security podcast, there is a certain freedom in knowing you will screw up at least ten times per day.

It also means I will try to get all my future mobile phones in the US (assuming the shutter sound is my major concern).

Extra Medium

While Medium.com works for many it does not work for me. My several month test of the platform left me less than impressed.

While it is nice when someone else takes care of the plumbing, I am not comfortable with the exchange.

Thus I bring my musings and ditherings and blatherings and occasional cogent insights back to my personal site.

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<< insert out of context quote here>>

Clearly, the wisdom of the ages speaks to us in modernity.

2016 Emerging Cyber Threats Report

2016 Emerging Cyber Threats Report

Nearly two dozen cybersecutity experts from Georgia Tech, business, government and defense, share their observations about emerging trends in a more connected world — where cyberattacks grow more persistent and sophisticated by the day. While some threats and response mechanisms continue unchanged year over year, other conflicts and challenges are becoming dramatically more intense. Academia, industry and government must work together in bold new ways to solve the grand challenges of cybersecurity


I haven’t read it yet but it’s going in my queue for my plane ride this week.

What are your thoughts?

The Unexpected

Just now my hotel room filled with a smoke smell. I couldn’t nail down the source any more than the hotel staff could.

It was apparent by the focused approach of the technician that this wasn’t unique. His response after finding nothing and the security guard’s response let me know it was unique.

It’s a lovely room they moved me to. I think I retrieved all my tech before relocating.

Good Works

My good friend, colleague, and Project Manager extraordinaire Gabriela Iannaccone is in Nairobi, Kenya. She’s participating in @IBM‘s Corporate Service Corps.

Gabi blogs here at Medium. Her story and pictures might prove infectious. I know Kenya is creeping up my list of must-see destinations. Gabi’s engagement in Africa comes to an end this week.

As regular readers know, IBM cuts my checks. Gabi’s, too. IBM sponsored and paid for her trip (as far as I know).

This post is not sponsored or paid for by IBM.

Observations from a Lounge

Not a security or leadership post. Just some general thoughts warranting capture.

I can spot an American from a mile away. The shorts, the ill-fitting poorly worn clothes, the baseball cap, the general look of bewilderment are all telltale signs.

I kept hearing this sound like sheep bleating. I and those sitting around me could not find where the sound was coming from. Turned out it was an elderly woman talking on her phone. That sound? Just her voice, apparently.

MEX security triggers on the same three things in my bags: safety scissors, electric kettle, and travel power strip. I moved all three into a separate bag to speed things up. The screener was apparently determined to foil my plan. Next time, I’m putting these in a bin by themselves.

Top 10 population gainers and losers among Metro Detroit communities | MLive.com

While Wayne County lost 37,357 residents over the last three years, Oakland and Macomb counties gained 38,584 people since the 2010 census, according to new estimates from the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments.

As of July 2013, more than two two-thirds of the communities in the seven-county report saw population growth since April 2010.

“The city of Detroit continued to lose population, but at a slower rate than in the recent past,” SECOG reported.

The city is estimated to have 681,090 residents, down of 4.6 percent from its 2010 count of 713,862, and down 3,709 since SEMCOG’s December 2012 estimate.

Oakland County, meanwhile, added 27,647 residents and Macomb County has 10,937 people since 2010.

via Top 10 population gainers and losers among Metro Detroit communities | MLive.com.

Construction set to begin on Dequindre Cut extension and other Detroit greenway connectors | MLive.com

Construction on a major recreation/transportation infrastructure upgrade is set to begin along and in between a series of greenways in Detroit and Hamtramck.

Bicyclists and administrators at Eastern Market are preparing a celebration of the start of construction on Link Detroit, a project that will extend the Dequindre Cut, link it to the Midtown Loop and the Hamtramck Trail, make streetscape improvements at Eastern Market and address a series of deteriorating bridges.

via Construction set to begin on Dequindre Cut extension and other Detroit greenway connectors | MLive.com.