[Administrivia] AdSense Advertising Experiement


Part of my professional change this year includes looking for a new position with a great company. One of the jobs and employers I am considering is writing for myself.

I’m still thinking this through, then I’ll get advice from friends and family. This could go many different ways. I need more data, so I’ll perform a number of experiments in the coming weeks.

The first experiment starts this week: I’m enabling Google AdSense on this site and probably all of my others. I’m curious what the impact is both financially and from the user experience.

I am not a fan of advertising. I go out of my way to avoid it. This leaves me in a quandary, and opens me up to hypocrisy. I’ll give it 4 to 6 weeks, then re-evaluate.

What are your thoughts? Are you generally pro advertising or do you find it a distraction here and/or the rest of the web?

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