ISC Diary | How do you spell “PSK”?

So, what to do? In the past, I’ve used an excel spreadsheet to generate a random string of “n” characters, selected from a set of characters that do not include the “confusing” ones (Oo01lIiL and so on). The “randomness” was defined by how long I felt like leaning on the F9 key that day. After creating the string, I would then try to get my client to NOT write down the string – this almost never works, but it’s worth a try.

For today’s story, I decided to improve on this a bit, and re-coded it in python. This was a 5 minute script (as most of mine are), so if you see a way to improve or neaten this up in any way, please – don’t be shy – use our comment form.

via ISC Diary | How do you spell “PSK”?.

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