Paul Feig on Suits – Confessions of a Suit, by Paul Feig

In the 12 years I’ve been doing it, outside of one incident in which a producer tried to convince me not to dress up because he said I was putting myself above the actors — seriously — I’ve been thanked by both cast members and crew people for showing them a little respect by dressing like a leader and like the adult I’d always wanted to be. And, selfishly, yes, I’ve also just really enjoyed wearing my suits — just like I did before I grew out of that Pierre Cardin three-piece.

Source: Paul Feig on Suits – Confessions of a Suit, by Paul Feig

By the way, there are practical uses to wearing a suit every day: you can use the bathroom in most all hotels (Mr. Feig spoke with Jesse Thorn & others on the topic), and if you’re on a plane it’s easier to make use of the business/first class facilities if you’re not in it, regardless of your row. As with all power, use it responsibly and only when alternatives are exhausted.

Also: Be nice; Be polite; Be friendly; Be fun; Don’t be a jerk.

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