I am in a rut, a predictable routine, for restaurants and izakaya. I don’t get out much, at least when there is no external driver to knock me out of my routine.

When I was traveling to Tokyo in advance of my relocation every place outside of my hotel was an adventure. When I moved I tagged certain places as being “go to” venues.

I’ve been here a year. Now I go to the same 6 restaurants/izakaya in the week. I grab lunches in the office cafeteria and breakfasts in the convenience store. The remainder is home cooking.

I want to keep and expand my home cooking. I also want to go beyond my early comfort zone for izakaya. I want to find new places, to get out of my rut.

My 2018 goal is to find a new restaurant each week, be it for breakfast or lunch or dinner. Another goal is to eat at home one more meal per week. Having meals ready made is key.

What are you doing to break out of your habits, at least a bit, in 2018?

I enjoyed several adult beverages on the ramp up to the ball drop in Tokyo for 2018. I made it home from the izakaya with only one at-the-time-seemed major misstep changing trains, thus delaying me about 30 minutes. That’s not a miracle, though only delaying myself by 30 minutes is fairly impressive.

Once I finally made it home, I made some food. I went to bed. Those are not the miracles.

When I woke up firmly in 2018, I saw my miracles.

My clean laundry was folded and put away. My clean dishes were similarly stowed. My coffee maker was prepped so the brew was 2 button pushes and 8 minutes away.

2018 miracles, no doubt!