Sorting Org Mode lists using a sequence of regular expressions

Sorting Org Mode lists using a sequence of regular expressions:

I manually categorize Emacs News links into an Org unordered list, and then I reorganize the list by using M-S-up (org-shiftmetaup) and M-S-down (org-shiftmetadown). I decide to combine or split categories depending on the number of links. I have a pretty consistent order. John Wiegley suggested promoting Emacs Lisp and Emacs development links at the top of the list. I like to sort the rest of the list roughly by interest: general links first, then Org, then coding, then other links at the bottom.

(Via Emacs – Sacha Chua)

I always look forward to Sacha’s weekly Emacs News articles. She always finds one or two things I find interesting.

I’ve often wondered how she puts it together, and now I know. I might have a use for her method and code at work. Hmm …

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