I hate it when I encounter a Westerner who speaks Japanese. To be clear, I hate the experience and not the person. The experience reminds me I am lax and tardy in my study. There is exactly one person who can do something about it.

Your made-up “sport” does not constitute my interest, Olympic Edition

I forgot about another reason I don’t like the Olympics – the made-up “sports”. (I’m looking at you, weird downhill-skiing-but-doing-it-like-skateboarding event). Just because something is athletically difficult does not make it a sport. Let the sports drinks do their !!!XTREME!!! nonsense on their own time. And get off my lawn!

Subscription Software Purchase Evaluation Model

I am applying my tech purchase model, never a new product or release until its proven, to subscription software. If the developer shows a benefit to me, the user, to support the model over a reasonable stretch of time, the odds are good I will participate. But if the app development progresses at roughly the same pace as the point-purchase model, then there is little reason to subscribe. Implementing “X-as-a-Service” doesn’t constitute a feature if it isn’t optional.