Free eBook site Project Gutenberg Blocks German Visitors over Court Ruling:

Offering translations of your site in other languages may be risky

As a web site owner, an interesting point to take away from this lawsuit is that offering your site in other languages than your primary one could cause you to fall under other country’s jurisdiction.  While Project Gutenberg offered other languages as a convenience to non-USA visitors, the German court’s ruling clearly shows that having a German translation led them to feel that the site was targeting German citizens.

With scripts available that automatically translate a site into another language, many web site owners have used them as a convenience to their visitors. While these translations were often confusing and potentially not accurate, web site owners found them to still be useful for visitors from other countries.

With rulings like this one, web site owners may start to think differently about offering their site in other languages for fear of falling under another country’s legal system.

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This whole story is absurd. Do read the article. There is so much to unpack in this dispute. Sadly, Project Gutenberg’s approach of going dark in Germany, while somewhat passive aggressive, might be the first example of the most effective way to get serious comprehensive reform where citizen users make the change happen.

Before U.S. citizens get too “holier than thou”, remember that Congress keeps pushing out when certain properties become public domain.

You Need a Reset Day:

What Is a Reset Day?

Despite one’s best intentions in turning over a new leaf, life happens. Forging new habits isn’t easy, while slowly moving away from them is. The best way to deal with that drift is to get re-aligned before you’ve gotten too far off track — to constantly make little course corrections as you continue towards your goal.

But sometimes, one bad week leads to another, and things flat out unravel. You just get totally off track with the path you want to be on. In such a case, tinkering around the edges doesn’t work. The momentum of your off-kilter current is too strong, your schedule just too busy, to fully get back in a good headspace. You need an uninterrupted stretch, a solid block of time in which you can clear the decks – all of them.

Enter the reset day.

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I do a Reset Day every so now and again. More accurately I try to do one. Often I end up down a rabbit hole focused on one particular thing, say on a brain dump or improving workflows, get overwhelmed, and stop.

The idea of scheduling the Reset Day, placing a timer on what is done (or not). I can always return to the item later and if I’m in a positive flow I can allow myself some leeway.

I can see planning for the next Reset Day, making a tag in my universal capture for notes & tasks, and then using them to set up the day.

I would make a few changes. First, I would do it away from home to minimize distractions. Second, I would disconnect from the Internet for the day except for maybe the Experimental Browser on my Kindle Paperwhite. Third, I would replace house cleaning in Hour 1 with something else I can do away from home to kick start the process like do some file purging & organizing.

How would you do something like this?