Self mapping my social networks is depressing. The worst bit is that it’s, at best, an incomplete picture. I’ll deal with what is in my control and not aim for perfect

Japan League baseball announcers seem to get to drink the alcoholic beverages they sell while broadcasting. I suspect it is pre-recorded and not using real booze, but the facade reminds me of listing to US baseball where at least one of the team was clearly buzzed. Good times.

I am jazzed by, but simultaneously perplexed by, the sudden popularity of Richard Feynman outside of science and technology circles. I have no response to his popularity in Japan beyond bewildered joy.

Apple Pay Suica fixes a minor troublesome flaw


One of neat things about Apple Pay Suica is how easy it is to add, delete and migrate Suica cards to different iPhones. iCloud and Mobile Suica keep the Suica card information and balance safe and secure no matter what device it’s on.

There was one weakness however: the Suica card ID number changed every time the card was deleted and re-installed in Wallet. …

Fortunately Apple and JR East have fixed this weakness. Now when you delete a Suica card from Wallet and re-install it the Suica ID number does not change.

I was annoyed by this “weakness”, which probably was a design flaw. Glad to see it is addressed but not looking forward to the next time this applies to me.

My interest is piqued. Will this be used for Security Standard Time?

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