MBA Update

As I mentioned on a Monday awhile back, my work MacBook Air (MBA) would not properly boot. Three trips to tech support and a low level wipe later, my work machine was working.

Quick shout out to my co-workers who helped me perform otherwise mundane tasks while I was down.

Also, lesser thanks to the iPad that kept me in email and Slack but couldn’t come close to editing a PowerPoint properly.

The full wipe fixed the inability to boot as well as a few other minor issues. I had to reinstall everything, move things from backup, and occasionally restore from the cloud.

I stayed in the office until after 20:00 that day because my trust in the software deteriorated and doubts about the hardware grew.

Wait. Hang on. This was how I used to deal with Windows issues.

Anyway, I learned the problems were probably due to corporate pushing the new High Sierra update to me as part of a test, a fun test to have foisted 6 days before a major deliverable is due!

Ah, wait. My second display software, Duet Display, stopped working reliably. It worked fine before the forced update. My reinstall included the same update. My work relies on having a solid second display to make up for the MBA display resolution and size. Losing that is problematic.

UPDATE: I’m beta testing new software from the Duet Display team. Things are still wonky. Also, my VPN certificates disappeared. A removal of all corporate software and complete reinstall of them was needed to unwedge the VPN.

Really? Why is dealing with Apple like dealing with Microsoft?

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I’m debating the best mobile solution for Emacs for me. My main driver is org-mode, of course.
* File sync for configuration and org-mode
* Power management (battery life)
* Portability (weight, size, profile)
* Display quality (readability, sharpness of text)
* Keyboard (Japanese JIS, shortcuts)
* Inputs (USB, Bluetooth, on-screen keyboard), outputs (micro-Display Port|USB C|Micro USB|mini-Display Port), and network (wifi, Ethernet [via USB], cellular)
* Non-native integrations like pandoc, PDF-tools If I go with a primarily tablet solution, it will have to be Android or some other non-iOS option. If I go with a primarily laptop|ultrabook|netbook solution it has to have a good Japanese keyboard.

On iOS, Drafts seems an interesting option.

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Epicurus: The Nature of Death and the Purpose of Life

Epicurus: The Nature of Death and the Purpose of Life:

“Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And once it does come, we no longer exist.”
(Via Classical Wisdom Weekly)

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Spanish Festival In #Tokyo

Finally not working on the weekend! Down in #Odaiba enjoying paella and grilled things and drinks on a gorgeous day. Please pay special note of my stylish hat and several days of stubble.

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