The Status of My De-Google-ing

I decided a while ago to move off of Google for a wide variety of reasons. How am I doing? Percentages are all how far I am migrating away from Google.

Search – 95%

Duck Duck Go is my default on all the things. There is an odd search where I need something else. When I do, it’s in a private browsing session with as much content blocking as possible.

Calendar – 75%

I moved a lot off. Weekend activities in Tokyo might end up in a shared calendar so my friends can see options where we can meet up.

GMail – 75%

I continue editing my profile in different places to get my email moved to something in my control.

Google Voice & Hangouts- 0%

There is no replacement for Voice short of porting the number to a device. So I will maintain this. Apple’s Handoff is almost a replacement. The big piece they can’t do is the number porting. Hangouts for me is inextricably tied to Voice.

Google fi – 0%

I can move this to another service, but I needed it to be one with a good international rate for calls and data. Maybe I can move this to T-Mobile? Or do I ditch my US number completely?

Google Docs – 100%

Done. After PVC Security shut down there was no need for it.

Google Drive & Photos – 75%

Done, at least for the paid service. The free photo backup service is compelling, but I am working to replace it.

Google Chrome – 100%

I stopped using it everywhere. It was not a hard thing to leave behind since it’s a performance hog. If I need it here and there, Opera does the same thing.

Google Android – 75%

My Nexus 6P is only able to run a few hours without recharge. Project fi requires it. Maybe I will get a new (to me) device to replace it.

Google Pay, Wallet, and the other financial stuff – 100%

I got rid of it all a while back when they couldn’t get the physical card working properly. I still have a $0.90 US credit!

Google Maps – 90%

It only comes up for the little bit I use Google Calendar with location. They are not the best map service in Japan, so it’s not hard to leave.

Google Translate – 75%

I want to ditch this so badly much! My Emacs use requires no account, so I just need an iOS replacement.

Google Play – 90%

I have a credit here I need to spend somehow. I think I picked up some free movies and books.

Other Google Properties – 100%

I am totally off of all other Google stuff.


How are you doing with your migration away from the Google? What advice do you have for me in my journey? Comment in social media and link back here.

p.s. – Google Plus

I forgot about this like you probably did. It will go.

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Fear and Emotion in Politics


Please take a deep breath.

Take another. Let things, whatever twists you up, go a little bit when you exhale. Repeat until you feel good and unwound.


Don’t be a single issue voter. The men and women that sit in local, state, and federal roles don’t have one issue regardless of what they may say in a campaign. They vote on many.

Take a Breath

Look at your personal landscape, threat and/or opportunity. Find the candidates who, as far as you can tell, come closest to your landscape. You might assess wrong. They might disappoint you.

Don’t know your personal landscape? It’s ok. Breathe. Take a little bit of time to think about it. Take more time if you need it. Come back. This’ll be here.


Others will advise, coach, bully, coax. That’s ok. Those people won’t be in the voting booth with you. Your vote is yours. You vote you. Say whatever you want after.


Maybe a candidate voted against your belief one time but otherwise met your expectations. Or mostly met your expectations with a few no votes. Or did they act counter to your personal landscape.


Is that worth voting them out of office? Will the new person be any better?


Stay tuned to this post for suggestions for more information.

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There’s a Major Measles Outbreak in NYC, Thanks to Anti-Vaxxers

Back in 2000, measles was considered to be “eliminated” in the United States. But today—thanks largely to the efforts of anti-vaccination campaigns (for your health!)—the highly contagious disease is popping up all over the place. Oh, cool! Nothing like resurrecting a killer of children in the name of protecting children!
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How is this still a thing? If the anti-vaxxers argued civil liberties I might be able to sympathize. But they’re fighting both science and math where both have strong data. When it comes to disease spread, we have even more data.

There is far too much emotion in this fight on the anti-vaxxer side and poor communicators on the science side. The science and math folks are correct.

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