It’s worth checking if the rules we hold dear, and fast to are helping the people we serve.

Rules Checklist

  • Why does this rule exist?
  • Does this rule benefit the majority of our customers? How?
  • Do we have difficulty looking people in the eye when we explain this rule? Why?
  • What story does this rule tell the customer [and ourselves] about our values?
  • How does this rule make us better?
  • What would happen if we scrapped this rule?

Doing what’s accepted or expected isn’t necessarily the right thing to do.

(Via The Story of Telling)
I like this.

It turns out that there is a problem downloading from the GNU [ELPA] archive that’s related to TLS. Happily, the answer is simple: just add

(setq gnutls-algorithm-priority "NORMAL:-VERS-TLS1.3")

to your init.el file. […]
If you’re getting weird errors when you download from the GNU repository, try adding the above line to your file. It worked well for me.

(Via Irreal)
I ran into this very issue the other day but didn’t have time to run it down.