Starlets in the Green Room, Bombay

This horizontal format, black and white photograph documents an unpolished dressing room interior. One girl primps in front of a large mirror, while another watches from behind her. The lines of the electrical wire that draw-up the composition are delicate and architectural, carving out a space for the viewer to see more than the superficial simulation that is reflected. One girl is heavily dressed in dark colors, with only her face shining through. The other wears sari wrapped lightly around her middle, her choli baring her stomach and neck. The spontaneous and improvisational approach is palpable, and is coupled with the artist’s acute sense of focus. The print quality is grainy further evidence of Ketaki Sheth’s documentary style. As we continue to build our holdings, particularly the relationship between the works by Singh and Sheth help to form a substantial and significant foundation for the collection of documentary images of South Asia.


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