Firefox 69: Flash disabled by default by Martin Brinkmann:

Mozilla plans to disable Adobe Flash in Firefox 69 by default according to an updated bug listing on the organization’s bug-tracking website.
Adobe Flash Player is the last NPAPI plugin that Mozilla Firefox supports; support for other NPAPI plugins like Microsoft Silverlight or Java was removed in Firefox 52. Firefox users could switch to Firefox ESR to continue using NPAPI plugins at the time. Google dropped support for NPAPI plugins in 2015 in Chrome.

Hang on. Mozilla killed of Live Bookmarks, RSS, the legacy extension ecosystem, and other bits but kept Flash around until … tomorrow-ish?

I still amaze myself when I talk with people about security. What I say isn’t amazing; it’s the neuro-chemical hit I get in the exercise. Consulting engagements deliver a slower constant drip. Both are good for my mood, personally & professionally, and when balanced

Did something happen where wispy skinny mustaches, a.k.a. Chester ‘staches, came into style? I’m seeing a creepy number of them on Americans lately

It’s on-brand for a Japanese pole dancer to wipe the pole down when done #japanbrewerscup2019

I should’ve remembered my hydration pack for the #japanbrewerscup2019. 120¥/h2o bottle isn’t bad tho

Short answer? Yes. Read the story for a longer version

Did Australia Hurt Phone Security Around the World?

Good story that got me thinking: I would love fivethirtyeight or someone like them to statistically rank the various sports & entertainment Halls of Fame by objective measures

Edgar Martinez Confounds Peers Even as He Joins Them in Cooperstown

On the plane for my first trip to London! First time on a 787, too! #NRT #LHR #BA6

This is a chord, this is another by :

“I just learned ‘Imagine’ on the piano,” tweeted @acupoftea yesterday, “and I would like to officially rescind any energy I’ve spent being impressed with people who can play ‘Imagine’ on the piano.” I chuckled, and then she followed up with, “If you want to demystify pop music, learn, like, four chords and just play them in a different order & rhythm each time.”
That immediately made me think of the famous zine graphic above, included in the book Oh So Pretty: Punk in Print 1976-1980_. Toby Mott explains:
> [It’s] an illustration from a fanzine called _Sideburn #1
, which was a drawing made by Tony Moon just to fill the space. It’s a drawing of three guitar chords and it says, ‘now form a band’. That fanzine is extremely rare, but the drawing is often quoted by lots of musicians as the impetus to do something, and it’s seen as a key message of punk,” says Toby. “You didn’t need to have been to music school or be particularly proficient or skilled. It was much more about the energy and drive to do something. It’s a rallying call to the troops.
Nice to know the story behind a drawing that always puzzled me. Why are the markings on the frets and not in between them? And why A-E-G? What songs can you even play with those chords? (Answer: AC/DC’s “TNT” and T-Rex’s “Bang A Gong.”)

By the way, the lyrics to ‘Imagine’ aren’t world beaters either. I believe that if anyone other than a former Beatle put that song out, it would have sunk under the sea of much better stuff that itself never surfaced.

True Action by Tina Roth Eisenberg:

> “True action, good and radiant action, my friends, does not spring from activity, from busy bustling, it does not spring from industrious hammering. It grows in the solitude of the mountains, it grows on the summits where silence and danger dwell.”
Hermann Hesse

I cannot find the source of this quote. Maybe it’s his 1946 anthology If the War Goes On… (public library).