I’ll be 😆 tomorrow when #Tokyo starts up again from the Summer holiday. Also, this is a test of quill.

Conspicuous consumption is not absolute, it’s relative. […]

It’s a lousy game, because if you lose, you lose, and if you win, you also lose.

The only way to do well is to refuse to play.

Earning trust outperforms earning envy.

(Via Seth’s Blog)

Last night I sold my Sonos system, 2x Play:1 & 1x Play:5 I schlepped to Tokyo from the US a few years ago, to another expat. Tomorrow I sell my Canon DSLR and related kit for another bit of cash. 

I supposed I am de-consuming?

BTW, wasn’t “The only way to do well is to refuse to play” the moral of WarGames?