Prorog? What Prorog?

A historic ruling with implications far and wide:

The United Kingdom’s Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to shut down parliament in the run-up to Brexit was unlawful, a humiliating rebuke that thrusts Britain’s exit from the European Union into deeper turmoil. 

The unanimous and stinging judgment by the court’s 11 judges undermines Johnson’s already fragile grip on power and gives legislators more scope to oppose his promise to take Britain out of the EU on Oct. 31. 

Parliament, where Johnson has lost his majority and he suffered repeated defeats since taking office in July, is now set to be reconvened three weeks early, giving opponents more time to challenge, amend, or block his Brexit plans or even bring down his government. 

“The decision to advise Her Majesty to prorogue parliament was unlawful because it had the effect of frustrating or preventing the ability of parliament to carry out its constitutional functions without reasonable justification,” Supreme Court President Brenda Hale said. 

In its historic ruling, the court said Johnson had not given any reason – “let alone a good reason” – for suspending the legislature for five weeks.

(Via (Reuters)[])

I have no horse in this race but I think Brexit is a mistake. I also think the UK should have either gone all-in on Europe or stayed out completely, but a wishy-washy middle ground is what they chose.

I do not care for BoJo. He brings nothing new to the table, one could argue that he brings less, and he failed repeatedly. Were I British and especially if I were a Tory, I would be demanding his resignation. I’m surprised there aren’t more pictures of Theresa May sitting in Parliament smiling.

This house is on fire


Holy shit.

I don’t watch a lot of videos; I prefer transcripts. When I absolutely have to get through a video, I usually put it in a background window and listen.

Don’t do that with Thunberg’s four-minute address to the UN.

Instead, watch it. I understand and agree with her that we should be listening to scientists, not her, but if anyone can get us to listen to scientists, it’s her. Now I know why the people followed Joan of Arc.

(Via boing boing)

Can’t agree more. Greta Thunburg is remarkable, and she’s not wrong. Even if her message doesn’t resonate with you, she speaks multiple languages, has a grasp of science and statistics, and is a sailor. Her evil eye at the UN was pure, unadulterated disgust.

Shirubee (汁べゑ)
Tokyo, JP

22 °C clear sky

Beer Brain
Tokyo, JP

24 °C broken clouds

Toro Maguro (とろ鮪 人形町店)
Dinner with some friends from the states.
Tokyo, JP

25 °C scattered clouds

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu (鶴岡八幡宮)
Change of plans but happy to be in Kamakura!

Noborito Station (登戸駅)
Heading to Enoshima to meet a friend. Adventurecateering!
Tokyo, JP

26 °C scattered clouds

Smoothest of Jazzes

I am watching and listening to the smoothest drummer I’ve ever seen.

Everything he does is fluid. There’s a conservation of motion that I find compelling.

Keyaki Beer Festival 2019

I headed up to Saitama in this overcast Saturday to enjoy a bit of beer and food.

I think this is my fourth year of participation. I think there are fewer breweries participating but there’s way more to taste than one person can reasonably expect.

If a friend wants to visit later this holiday weekend, I am on board.

Also, six hours after the event started and the men’s room is clean. And there are roaming cleaners in the event you spill:

(bad pic, but the guy in blue has a caddy with cleaning supplies). So well done!

The go Language is Google’s Own

I’m baffled as to why programmers put their trust in this advertising company to do the right thing, or why companies would stake their reputation on go. Several people tell me that Google handed over control to open source, but the main landing page for go,, the place were everyone needs to go to program in the language, says:

The Go website (the “Website”) is hosted by Google. By using and/or visiting the Website, you consent to be bound by Google’s general Terms of Service and Google’s general Privacy Policy.

Go the go privacy policy page, and you’re sent to Google’s own privacy policy page.

The copyright page, which a lot of folks point to, actually says:

Except as noted, the contents of this site are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, and code is licensed under a BSD license.

… which means Google can exempt whatever it wants from the CC & BSD licenses. A good legal argument could be made about the BSD license for the code as the commas make things more open to interpretation. The term “code” could include HTML and other markup. But IANAL

Back to my main point, Google’s reputation is not good based on their behavior. I would not want to stake my company or my coding on them.

(Picture via Roman Synkevych (@synkevych) on Unsplash)