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Launching Org-Capture in Windows with AutoHotKey

I finally figured out how to launch org-capture from anywhere in Windows. I’m using AutoHotKey.

; org-capture
If WinExist("ahk_class Emacs")
Send ^{c}
Send {c}
Run "C:\emacs-24.0.90\bin\runemacs.exe"
WinWaitActive, emacs
Send ^{c}
Send {c}

I have Ctrl-c c set up as the org-capture shortcut. I know there’s another option through something called org-protocol that might work better.

I just got it puzzled out, so I don’t know what my mileage will be. But I’m pretty jazzed at the prospects. Comments to the code might be forthcoming.

Is this working for you? Do you have a better way to do this?

  1. Great! Thank you so much!

  2. Much appreciation for your tip regarding AutoHotkey. It works great for me with Emacs and Org-mode capture. Thanks for the information!

  3. paul,

    thank you so much for your script, i have been using EMACS org mode since long. i was looking for global shortcut to enter TODO in emacs but couldnt find it so i switched to TODO.TXT for PIM.

    i am happy to say that i have got solution from your script.

    could you extend me a favour, i am looking for automatic recurring email to send my daily updating agenda file to my subordinates. is there any way by which i can send my org agenda txt output file to my subordinates everyday automatically.

    i have tried several programs but those can’t work behind our corporate firewall.

    thanks once again,

  4. It works well. However, when I tried launching it with a Emacs close, I had a dangling clock that I had to close out of . After I did that, it worked as designed.

    Thanks a lot!

    • I’m glad it worked for you. Can you describe the dangling clock issue?

      • Hi Paul,

        I use Orgmode to monitor how much time I use up doing a task. I “clock-in” and I “clock-out” whenever I am doing something . In this particular instance I forgot to “clock-out”. Because of this ,Orgmode gives me a “yes or no” prompt, asking if I want to continue the clock. After I cleared that up and relaunch ,your script launches perfectly.



        • Oh, that clock. Of course. I’m going in too many directions today. Thanks for the additional information.


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