If you get much fatter …

A new acquaintance suggested I put on more weight to look like the current US President.
That’s a hell of a thing for someone to say in the middle of a holiday. True, but a hell of a thing to say.
The last time I received such an unflattering comment (and the above was a bit of good natured ribbing) was when I was about 40lbs (18kg) heavier than I am now and six years younger. Work required some Saturday office visit and the security guard mentioned that, in my hoodie and Detroit Tigers cap, I looked like Michael Moore.
I vastly prefer the people, usually women of a certain age, who flatteringly compare me to actor and director Sir Kenneth Branagh. I welcome and embrace that comparison – as inaccurate as I know it to be if for no other reason than he is older than me by a lot.

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