Moving in Stereo

For the last month or so I’ve listened to The Cars fairly regularly. I think it’s the change of the season as I’ve always associated them with summer.
When I was a young pup, knee high to a garden snake, my Californian brothers brought many an otherwise unknown band to our midwestern home. Van Halen, Rush, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, and others were in the mix. The more heavy metal of the bunch I discarded.
Rush was the first of those bands I embraced. One of my friends in my Connecticut high school was a big Rush fan. When I started working many years later for a Canadian company Rush again entered my listening life.
Van Halen, and later Van Hagar, became frozen in that late 80’s to 90 moment when they were everywhere.
And then there was The Cars.
The Cars was like a less overplayed and better version of what Journey was doing at the time (also part of my brothers’ music mix). Journey stayed ever present on US radio from the Rock to Classic Rock to the oldies station where they live today.
I recall having one of their tapes, Heartbeat City, when the family road tripped across the western US on holiday in the mid 80’s. Then they dropped off my radar.
I’m caught a bit off guard by the high regard in which I hold The Cars today.
Who cares. It’s summer (in the Northern Hemisphere)!

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