The Leaders We Remember

Farbod Saraf on Twitter:

The bosses we remember:
1 provided safe space to grow
2 opened career doors
3 defended us when we needed it
4 recognized and rewarded us
5 developed us as leaders
6 inspired us to stretch higher
7 led by example
8 told us our worked mattered
9 forgave us when we made mistakes

(Via swissmiss)
This citation probably trite by now. That’s too bad.
One of my first managers in the ‘90s basically said the same thing but somehow more tersely. I’ve tried, sometimes more successfully than others, to do these things regardless of my title.
And that’s the difference: being a Leader means you do these things. I’ve seen many a manager (or “boss”) to whom I would never assign such traits. And I’ve seen many a Leader who held no title.
Which are you?

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