watchOS 5 wishlist: enable a Watch-first mentality

watchOS 5 wishlist: enable a Watch-first mentality:


With the introduction of Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular, Apple enabled its Music and new Radio app to function purely off the device’s LTE radio. Many of us thought they would follow suit with their Podcasts app, but that sadly hasn’t been the case. I think the stars may finally be aligning for this to happen in watchOS 5. This has been a long-time coming. Delaying this any further will be incredibly confusing as more people are consuming podcasts than ever before.
Related to my point above about enabling developers to build better apps: Apple should also explicitly give developers the tools to build their own podcast and music apps on Apple Watch.

UI Improvements

Apple has consistently improved the UI on Apple Watch ever since its introduction. I expect this trend to continue as time passes and Apple further understands how people use the device. Here are a few areas I’d like to see improvement in.

(Via One-Tech Mind)
The article lists other things, but nothing I care about. My big uses are Apple Pay Suica, Fantasical, Overcast, and the health aspects. My biggest pain point is performance, but I have a Series 1 device. Maybe I will drop some ¥ on a newer model without LTE.
What are you looking for?

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