Now Is the Perfect Time for an RSS Renaissance →

Now Is the Perfect Time for an RSS Renaissance →:

Ethan Grant:

That might sound silly today, in an era of centralized services (e.g. Facebook, Google) bombarding our inboxes, phones, and “feeds”. As privacy and security breaches make headlines, we clamor for a decentralized internet. But less than twenty years ago, the internet was decentralized, when the human cycle of individualism versus collectivism was perfectly aligned with divergent expression. We’ve now spent the past decade attempting to build the perfect centralized web, only to realize its many faults. The cycle continues.

It’s just one big cycle.

(Via Chris Hannah)
I never left RSS, even in the wake of the loss Google Reader. I use Feedly for most feeds and elfeed for other content.
For those frustrated by RSS feeds with truncated content, check out FiveFilters and their Full Text RSS service.

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