Detroit Locavorism

Farm-to-Table in the Shadow of Downtown Detroit

“It’s a full-circle thing,” Ms. Williams said. “We want to be a no-waste kitchen.”
Chefs take up locavorism for all kinds of reasons, but in Detroit the one people talk about most is the importance of keeping money in the area. Using up scraps is another side of the issue: A penny saved is a penny earned, and a penny earned is a penny that can be reinvested in a city that outsiders have repeatedly left for dead. And hiring native Detroiters is still another side. The staff, both in the dining room and the kitchen that’s wide-open for inspection at the end of the bar, is notably diverse.

(Via the New York Times)
I ❤️ this so hard. Might have to add this to my upcoming homecoming trip. I have some wonderful if foggy memories of Corktown.

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