Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand

Inspiration from Bruce Lee, William James, Diving, and More:

Songs make you think of people. Sometimes, you hear a song and you miss someone.
Sometimes you go look up that person to find out what happened to them and it breaks your heart.
Sometimes you realize that it’s a mistake to lose track of people who meant so much to you.
Reach out to that person who changed your life and then disappeared. If nothing else, let them know they changed you and thank them. Do it now, before you wake up one day, hear a song, look for the person that the song reminds you of, and realize that person isn’t around any more.
I’ve been downhearted, baby, ever since the day we met. We were never quite sure what B.B. King was saying in that repeated sample. That’s what he was saying. I wish I could tell you that now.

(Via The Simple Dollar The Simple Dollar)
One of the non-family related good memories of my time living in Oklahoma is this song.

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