What Systems Keep You Effective?, (Sat, Jun 9th)

What Systems Keep You Effective?, (Sat, Jun 9th):

Previously I discussed What’s On Your Not To Do List as a means to remain focused on priorities. I never fear running out of work in cybersecurity. Instead, I worry that our focus does not always stay on the most critical issues. Today I want to highlight several techniques I use to help remain effective.
Saying no
    Over and over again
    No can be a complete sentence
    Opportunity cost associated with time spent on other items
Calendar Margin
    Create space for unexpected tasks
    Make appointments for what matters most    
Goal tracking system
    As an achiever, I enjoy checking items off my “to do” list
    Evernote as a repository to hold ideas for future research
    Keep from cluttering up my brain
A physical planner
    Found tremendous value in weekly reviews
    Focus on what I accomplished
    And what needs even more focus
Each of these tactics serves to help keep me focused on what matters most. What hacks do you use to stay effective throughout your busy day? Let us know in the comments section!
Russell Eubanks
ISC Handler
SANS Instructor
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(Via SANS Internet Storm Center, InfoCON: green)
Other than the use of Evernote (I of course use Emacs & Org mode), I do or intend to do all of this listed here. I like the “Calendar Margin” as something I am accidentally doing and could probably improve. 

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