What Value Are You Really Getting?

What Value Are You Really Getting?:

In the end, I am of the belief that a well considered life is a better life, and that’s how I express it. The time and effort you spend sharpening your axe is time and effort that almost always pays for itself, provided you keep testing the axe and actually use it when it’s sufficiently sharp.
Always consider what value you’re getting out of a particular situation and whether the money, time, health, and effort you’re spending beyond the minimum to cover your needs is actually worth what you’re giving up by using that money, time, health, and effort in that way.
What value are you really getting?

(Via The Simple Dollar The Simple Dollar)
As usual, Trent has a well written, well considered, extensively cited, and insightful take on personal finance in a way I, at least, don’t always consider. Read his full post for the complete story and take.

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