Chaos Soup: Japanese tomato smoothie with cream cheese / Boing Boing

Chaos Soup: Japanese tomato smoothie with cream cheese / Boing Boing:

Kirin Sekai no Kitchen has recently started selling a product they call Melting Chaos Soup. It’s sold beside the bottled water and teas. …
Yes. Melting Chaos Soup boasts a brand new genre in drinks. It says it’s like a smoothie soup that changes flavor from moment to moment. Shake well, open and give it a sniff, then bottoms up. It’s a mix of tomato (55%) and peach juice (12%), cream cheese, and mint.

Read on for the review. I kind of want to check this out, so stay tuned for my take.
UPDATE: This Just In: Enjoy a fresh taste of Spain as brand new Gazpacho arrives on Japanese shores
Apparently this is now a trend?

Made with only nine natural ingredients — tomato, red bell pepper, cucumber, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, onion, salt and lemon extract — this preservatives- and additives-free soup is also the ultimate veggie smoothie. Its key ingredients are all packed with fiber and are high in water content, making it the perfect low-calorie snack. Add to this a rich taste and tons of other health benefits, stretching from boosting hydration to serving as an anti-aging supplement.
As with most soups, Gazpacho’s perfect partner is bread, and it can be enjoyed throughout the year even when the weather cools down. And if you ever get bored drinking it on its own (which is unlikely to happen), feel free to use it as a base for other dishes — including pizza and risotto — to add a fresh, Andalusian kick.

Setting aside the total advertising jag of the Japan Today story, it is funny how fast different companies will jump on a trend and how fast the trend will disappear. I wonder if either will be available in 12 months.

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