ACTION Is How You Skyrocket Your Career, Not “Learning”

ACTION Is How You Skyrocket Your Career, Not “Learning”:

Are you the type of person that reads a blog post, reads things on Twitter, goes to forums, and discovers all of this interesting stuff that you can implement at work or new technology you can learn, but think you don’t have the time?  This post is for you.  In this post, I want to talk about those people who consume a lot of information, gather all of this knowledge about various topics, as well as being aware of the new technologies but don’t take the next step of implementing it.  They don’t take any action on it at all; all of us are guilty of this to some degree.

(Via Adam the Automator – DevOps, Automation, PowerShell)
I do this. I need to curtail it.

Be nice with what you write.