Religious groups find their calling in threat sharing

Religious groups find their calling in threat sharing:

When it comes to protecting faith-based organizations from hackers, divine intervention will only get you so far. Congregations, like any other collection of people, can benefit from trading threat intelligence to mitigate the spread of malware.
With that in mind, religious groups recently became the latest sector to create a threat-sharing hub by setting up the Faith-Based Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (FB-ISAO).
Citing growing threats to donor data and religious websites, the FB-ISAO’s backers said it will fill a void by working with technology vendors to offer faith-based groups threat analysis and make them more resilient to attacks. The organization, founded in June but publicized on Monday, is open to American citizens of all faiths.

(Via Cyberscoop)
Every industry and organizational group should have some kind of threat intelligence sharing capability. These are not a cure-all by any stretch, but help even a moderately mature security team detect and respond at least a little faster.

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