Beware the Earnest & the Echo

Funding Friday: The Reflection Ritual:

A friend of a friend is doing this project to make a workbook that can help us step back and take measure of our lives, what they are, and what we want them to be.

(Via AVC)
If this is your joy, embrace it. Nothing I write will change your mind.
Everyone else, beware the earnest.
Mr. Messner is earnest. Watch his video.
I have no reason to doubt his motivations and intentions. However, there is zero need for this product or Kickstarter.
We should take the actions he describes:

  • Reflect on the year
  • Reflect on the day
  • Contemplate the next year

We can do it in a ≤ $1 US notebook. There are many sites that can help to provide prompts:

Beware also the echo chamber that drives people to these “creators”, like Fred Wilson from AVC as quoted above. Again, I have no reason to doubt his motivations or intentions.
Nit Pick: One can only reflect on the past, so it is redundant to say, “Reflecting on the past year”. Also, one cannot reflect on something that hasn’t happened yet. “Reflecting on the coming year” requires a time machine. Contemplation is not tied to time, so perhaps Mr. Messner meant that?

Be nice with what you write.