Mental Game

Baseball as a cerebral sport is a trope I enthusiastically embrace. I love it when both the strategy is executed and appropriate tactics are employed.
Case in point: the Hanshin Tigers versus the Yokohama BayStars today, 16 September 2018. From the get-go the Yokohama pitcher was nervous & high strung and the catcher could not settle him. The Tigers exhibited patience to an early 2 run lead. The BayStars tied, but Hanshin didn’t deviate from their strategy. One pitcher was replaced by another, equally nervous, hurler. Come the third inning, the Tigers’ strategy payed dividends. Tactically, every batter made the pitcher earn every pitch: there were comically few called strikes.
It was as if each batter mentally owned the pitcher upon arriving at the plate, and the pitcher aquiessed.
Meanwhile, the Tigers’ pitcher and catcher seemed like they were playing catch. The pace gave little time to Yokohama’s batters who seemed desperate to pull the ball the left field.
It’s 11 to 2 Tigers at the top of the 4th.