Asean countries to establish framework for cybersecurity collaboration

Asean countries to establish framework for cybersecurity collaboration:

The 10 Asean member states have agreed on the need for a formal framework to coordinate cybersecurity efforts across the region, outlining cyber diplomacy, policy, and operational issues. 
… The Asean members concurred that a formal framework was necessary to decide on inter-related issues and recommended the mechanism be flexible and take into consideration various factors, such as economic conditions.

(Via Latest Topic for ZDNet in security)
Singapore is heading up the initial work but it is a collaborative effort.

The group further underscored the importance of “a rules-based cyberspace” to drive economic progress and improve living standards. It also agreed that, “in-principle”, internal laws, voluntary, and non-binding norms of state behaviour, as well as practical “confidence-building” measures were essential to ensure the stability of cyberspace.

My chief concern with this is the “security by committee” approach governmental organizations take. However, coordination across these countries will allow for consistency across a large geography.

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