7-Eleven as Innovater

If you’ve experienced 7-11 in Japan, this will not be a surprise:
Why 7-Eleven is one of today’s most innovative retailers – TechHQ

They’re not going to win any cool awards, but let’s give them some recognition for leveraging digital technologies to augment the physical retail experience.

7-Eleven stores are more high-tech than you think.

The company is, for instance, rolling out support for Apple Pay and Google Pay at a majority of its US stores throughout September, adding to other mobile payment options such as Samsung Pay.

According to Gurmeet Singh CDO and CIO at 7-Eleven, frictionless experiences are the future, and digital payments play a key role. The ability to pay with their smart devices gives people one more reason to shop with a retailer.

We’ve had most of this already. Other convenience stores like Lawson and Family Mart do many of the same things. That is US is so far behind a country where most restaurants only accept cash is kind of amazing.

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