Listening: Pretty Prizes by Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts feat. Karen O

Leave it to the Too Beautiful To Live (TBTL) team to get me on to Milano by Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts.
“Pretty Prizes (feat. Karen O)” is Andrew’s Music for your Weekend pick (around the 60 minute mark). It is a bit like Talking Heads (as Andrew and Luke agreed), but I argue it’s more Roxy Music (or just Bryan Ferry) meets Siouxie and the Banshees (or just Siouxie Sioux).
The album as it is has other moments that speak to me. The opener, “Soul and Cigarette”, lyrically is reminiscent of Syd Barrett though the actual singing lacks Syd’s etherial quality. “Talisa (feat. Karen O)” has a sixties feel as well, but more as if in the The Italian Job.
Many reviewers think this should have been an EP, and I tend to agree. I would take this from nine to five tracks, losing “Mount Napoleon”, “Memphis Blues Again” (although there is something about the song I quite like but cannot pinpoint), and the last two songs. I would not mind them letting Karen O lose on “Soul and Cigarette”.
Then again, maybe just let her sing lead on all the songs?
I read somewhere that this album is supposed to be a page out of 80’s Italy. Maybe they were in a 60’s renaissance?

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