Are we all suffering from data breach fatigue?

Are we all suffering from data breach fatigue?:

It could also be, as New York Times reporter Mike Isaac noted on Twitter, that the constant barrage of news about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the never-ending outrage about whatever Donald Trump just tweeted tends to use up the oxygen in the media; there is little left for things like a garden variety Facebook data leak. But as Isaac and others have also pointed out, this wasn’t just a routine breach—in this case, hackers got access to the full accounts of certain users, which means they also got access to whatever other services those users had logged into using their Facebook credentials. That significantly expands the potential damage of the hack, since many people sign into other services such as Tinder and Spotify with their Facebook login (on Tuesday, Facebook said in an update that it hadn’t detected any evidence of compromised third-party logins, although its investigation is still ongoing) …
Some users threaten to delete their accounts, and it’s possible that some do, but the vast majority don’t seem to care.

(Via Columbia Journalism Review)
I’m tired of the breach news barrage and it’s my job to stay current. Other topics dominating the news outside of my immediate personal and professional needs I muffle or mute if possible.

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