Playing with Gutenberg

The WordPress folks decided a new post editing metaphor, one copied from many other services, is the future of WordPress. It’s called Gutenberg with no sense of irony or semblance of modesty.
I am playing with Gutenberg in case I might like it or find value in it.
At face value, there’s an audience for Gutenberg that is not me. It takes the pieces of Medium with which I disliked interacting and used them to replace the fine tuned control of my content in WordPress’ admittedly 90’s era editing interface.
My content is not toy blocks.
WordPress’ marketing on this move is markedly tone deaf. There is nothing from Matt & the team that actually explains what problem they endeavor to solve with the change.
The thing is, the current editing metaphor is easy to understand. It’s not sexy. It works. There is room for improvement, especially in removing formatting. For example, I have on particular iOS integration that makes quoting content look terrible. I have to manually edit the HTML to clear it out. Posting tight, clean HTML (and CSS and …) should be goal #1 assuming content is king.
Anyway, please stay tuned to what happens here. I am running the test for a spell.

Be nice with what you write.