Hyperbole Much?

From “Introduction to OKRs”, www.oreilly.com/business/free/files/introduction-to-okrs.pdf:

OKR is an acronym, and like most acronyms, the words behind the letters are often forgotten. This is a deadly mistake.

How Objectives and Key Results are life-and-death is not covered on that page or the entire document.
O’Reilly editors, please note:

  • Acronyms as titles, even in short works, rarely drive readership
  • Overuse of the acronym in the text dilutes its meaning
  • Watch the dead space – nothing starts until page 6, four pages are blank, and another page has a two line sentence
  • Getting Started with OKRs is the title of the last chapter?
<li>This is a PDF, not a print pamphlet. Treat it as such.</li>As it is, <a href="https://medium.com/@cwodtke" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Christina Wodtke</a> provides some useful bits if you dig through the dry text. These aren't new. You've seen their like before and will again. Christina needed a narrative (she hinted at stories from her storied career) and a real editor to make this pop.

This piece is a free PDF. Maybe this is new to you. If so, dive in! If not, the only cost is that you could be reading something else. Taking a few minutes to review or reacquaint yourself is valuable, too.

Be nice with what you write.