Fear and Emotion in Politics


Please take a deep breath.
Take another. Let things, whatever twists you up, go a little bit when you exhale. Repeat until you feel good and unwound.


Don’t be a single issue voter. The men and women that sit in local, state, and federal roles don’t have one issue regardless of what they may say in a campaign. They vote on many.

Take a Breath

Look at your personal landscape, threat and/or opportunity. Find the candidates who, as far as you can tell, come closest to your landscape. You might assess wrong. They might disappoint you.
Don’t know your personal landscape? It’s ok. Breathe. Take a little bit of time to think about it. Take more time if you need it. Come back. This’ll be here.


Others will advise, coach, bully, coax. That’s ok. Those people won’t be in the voting booth with you. Your vote is yours. You vote you. Say whatever you want after.


Maybe a candidate voted against your belief one time but otherwise met your expectations. Or mostly met your expectations with a few no votes. Or did they act counter to your personal landscape.


Is that worth voting them out of office? Will the new person be any better?


Stay tuned to this post for suggestions for more information.

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