LVMH’s chief digital officer says “digital” is a nonsense word

LVMH’s chief digital officer says “digital” is a nonsense word:

[Ian] Rogers, who oversaw Apple’s music streaming service and its Beats1 radio station before LVMH convinced him to jump into luxury in 2015, argues that the trouble begins with the terminology itself. As he told Wired UK:

I think that “digital” is a bit of a nonsense word. I haven’t met anybody who can explain to me, really, what it means. Scott Galloway at L2 said, “Having a chief digital officer is like having a chief electricity officer.” I think that that’s really accurate. What you’re doing is, you’re using this somewhat technical term to mask the fact that your customer’s behaviours have changed. You need to elevate technology inside of your organisation.

His point is that being digitally savvy is no longer a nice bonus in the professional world, but integral to all parts of a modern company. Or at least it should be. “When somebody says, ‘We’re really behind on digital,’ my response is, ‘You’re behind in every aspect of your business?’ he said.

(Via Quartz)
Cannot agree more.

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