This is one of the sentences I say regularly that drives people crazy:
“Consistency is great, but we don’t want to be consistently wrong.”
Consistency really is great when it reinforces good habits in your readers (weekly newsletters, daily posts, etc.).
It’s terrible when it’s used as a crutch to keep making the same mistakes over and over, because trying something new and different (or “weird”) is scary. It’s akin to saying, “That’s how we’ve always done it,” which is the last wheezing breath of a dying business.

(Via Blog – CJ Chilvers)
This is my every day – both with myself and at work.
Take right now for instance: I am in the same local pub I visit at least once per week. Is it a wrong choice? Maybe.
For work, it’s a bit different. CJ’s last paragraph encapsulates much of the institutional thinking there. There are some agents of change but there is far more institutional inertia that makes making the same mistakes not only easy but expected.

Be nice with what you write.