MIA Emacs Writers

I have a bunch of TODO entries in my orgmode files for improving all kinds of bits of my Emacs config. I was looking through them for a minor issue (which I solved) when I realized three of the sites I value for Emacs content are mostly or completely silent.
Sacha Chua is busy with family and life. I appreciate that she still puts out a weekly Emacs News post.
The other two, unless you follow them on Reddit and GitHub, you’d be worried that they were trapped under something heavy.
Oleh Krehel, a.k.a. abo-abo, has a site at (or emacs. His last post was in March 2018.
Artur Malabarba, a.k.a. Malabarba, has a site at Endless Parenthesis. His last post was in October 2017!
The stuff all of these folks posted are still valuable and enrich the Emacs and Org-Mode community. I think it would be better if they were still writing on a regular basis. But, you know, life and work and family and stuff happen.
I, for one, look forward to their return.

3 thoughts on “MIA Emacs Writers

    • Sharing your elfeed entries like this is a good idea. I suggest making them an elfeed.org entry with the elfeed-org package. It would make them easier to publish separate from your whole emacs config. YMMV. Thanks for the link!

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