Apologies To The Guy On The Yamanote Line

Transit from Yoyogi Park’s Spanish Festival 2018 near Harajuku Station to Takeshiba New Pier Hall, by the Hamamatsucho Station, hosting the American Craft Beer Festival 2018 had me travel on the Yamanote Line.
The train was crowded. I put my backpack on the baggage shelf and set in for the 20+ minute ride standing up.
My trousers’ zipper was down.
To the young man sitting in front of me, I apologize that I failed to tend to this. While these jeans have an unfortunate propensity to let my gait and gravity open my zipper, I knew this is a problem. I failed to make sure the pull was fully raised.
I only hope that the combination of my dark underwear and my tweed sport coat kept … who am I kidding: The eye contact that guy made with me should have triggered a double check.

Be nice with what you write.