Three reasons your career has stalled

Three reasons your career has stalled:

For those who are curious about why they haven’t risen to the rank they feel worthy of at work, it may be time to start pointing fingers at pandas.
Yes, pandas. That’s the term Elena Lytkina Botelho and Katie Creagh of the management consulting firm ghSMART have given to problems that on the surface seem small and are likely easy to fix (think body odor, or a speaking style that colleagues find off-putting, for example) but can end up stalling a person’s career.
“Pandas look innocent, but their powerful jaws deliver a bite stronger than a jaguars’,” Botelho and Creagh wrote in a recent piece for Harvard Business Review. When they examined the cases of 113 candidates who got shortlisted for C-suite roles but didn’t get the job, they found that 62% of them “had at least one ‘panda’ issue and 10% had more than one.”
They also found that 93% of the so-called panda traits hampering the candidates’ prospects fell into one the following categories: 

(Via Quartz)

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