Exceptions & Assumptions

Last weekend I lost my Amazon U.S. Kindle.

My notes and highlights should be synced to Amazon’s Kindle cloud. My ebooks, I can restore. I de-registered it from my Amazon account.

I don’t want to be flippant, but I kind of don’t care that this three year old device is lost. I don’t have disposable income laying around waiting for some spending event, so I will make due with other kit for a while (or an Amazon deal). What do I care about?

The Kindle has an origami case where it can stand without an external prop. These are not available in Japan.

As I completed the above my memory triggered. I charged my Kindle last Thursday in an uncommon place I need to visit with intent to see.
I assumed I checked everywhere in my apartment. But I also assumed I took it with me this weekend. I was wrong on both counts.
When thinking about what can go wrong, exceptions and assumptions combined with willful ignorance and blind arrogance are the literal recipe for disaster in many contexts. My story of the loss of a Kindle is not a disaster ICYWW.
Yet, I do not want to lose that origami Kindle case.

Be nice with what you write.