Holy Fisherman’s Festival!

I tried visiting the Japan Fisherman’s Festival at Hibiya Park a little while ago. It was … crowded …

There is no way to navigate sanely through all of that semi-ordered chaos. It took me 30 minutes to traverse half of the main section. There was not a line shorter than 20 people for any of the booths I passed.
Had I stuck to my original plan I would have arrived at 🕙 for another of my late multiple 🍳 posts. This silly thing called “work” was nagging me, so instead I worked about 5 hours and headed for the park a bit after 🕛 for a nice 🎣 🍴.
Plan b is to return on Sunday but early. I will set up my picnic kit and bring some coffee to hold me over until things open, then do my 🍳 plan.
BTW, this is one of the events that is all cashless though tickets are available for 💴 at the entrances. I love this setup, though my budget tends to go by the wayside.

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