Minimal surface nirvana

Minimal surface nirvana:

Every time Apple introduces a new model of iPad, that old, nasty, stupid, pointless debate rears its ugly head. I’m referring of course to the Can this iPad replace a traditional computer? debate. Also known as Can the iPad become your primary, or even sole computer? Also known as Can the iPad be used for Serious Work?
The constant in this debate is the attitude of the two main user groups involved, as each seems to hold this position: My way is the right way, and you’re a fool for thinking otherwise.
Now, my decades-old habits, my work-related needs, but also my personal preferences put me in the Mac OS / traditional computer group. The way I organise my workspace, the way I multitask, my need for lots of screen real estate, make Mac OS the ideal environment to work in. But I’ve been using iOS and iOS devices for a long time as well. I can appreciate that some people have managed to make them their primary platform and device. I know that Serious Work can be carried out on an iPad. It really, ultimately depends on what you do for a living.
The point that some iPad die-hard fans seem to miss is that it’s not a matter of people not wanting to adapt to an iOS-based workflow; it’s not a matter of people lacking mental agility to ditch their computers and switch to iPads for work. It’s that their work imposes different solutions, in the form of dedicated software, company-issued computers, multitasking requirements (e.g. ability to monitor more than three applications simultaneously on a bigger screen), etc.

(Via English – Riccardo Mori)
Amen! I grow weary of this ever intensifying debate around iPad versus Mac/PC.
My take: I need a toolbox with a variety of tools (or golf bag full of clubs, if you prefer a sport metaphor) that I can use depending on the work and in what context. I’m not going to arbiltrarilly limit myself.

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