Why Passion is Overrated (instead, here’s what you should do)

Why Passion is Overrated (instead, here’s what you should do):

I often hear people say if they only had a real passion, they would be able to follow it, break free from their mundane job and create their dream life.
But what to do when you don’t have a passion? Are you just supposed to wait until it one day magically drops from the sky to rescue you?
I feel there’s this mistaken belief, that some people ‘have a passion’ for something, which enables them to live a fabulous, meaningful life, whereas others don’t and thus are stuck in the hamster wheel.
… What do I love doing I asked myself? I felt completely blank and confused. It didn’t help that well-meaning family member and friends just told me to follow a different passion. What if I didn’t have one?
This is where a lot of people get stuck.
I was certainly stuck until I realised that doing something is better than doing nothing. You learn a lot from doing something. Anything is better than nothing.

(Via Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement)
Japan impresses me. There are restaurants and shops and ryokan that have been operating for years or decades or longer where they focus on what they do, they take pride in what they do, and they refine how they do what they do in evolutionary rather than revolutionary ways. Watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi for an extreme version of this mindset. This is changing, of course.
Back on the late, lamented PVC Security podcast we talked often about “finding your passion”. It sounds nice, but I think we did our listeners a bit of a disservice. We did talk about how to find your passion a little, but we failed to properly acknowledge other paths and the realities of life.

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