How Carlos Ghosn has been spending his days in a cell in Kosuge

How Carlos Ghosn has been spending his days in a cell in Kosuge:

Since his arrest on suspicion of tax evasion, ousted Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn has been occupying a cell at the Tokyo Detention Center in Kosuge, Katsushika Ward. Nikkan Gendai launched a series of daily columns about the incident, and in its fourth installment, which appeared in the Nov 30 edition, it introduced readers to how Ghosn has spent the previous 10 days.
The first thing the article points out is that despite Ghosn’s high social standing, no special exceptions are being made in terms of his treatment at the facility.
“The wake-up call comes at 7 a.m.,” says author Toshio Sakamoto, who formerly worked as a guard at Kosuge. “After the roll call and breakfast, he’ll undergo interrogation. Lunch is served from 11:50. I suppose there may be more interrogation sessions from afternoon, but these are interrupted by 30 minutes of outdoor exercise and bathing on certain days. Then comes supper from 4:20 p.m. Afterwards, interrogations may continue until lights out at 9 p.m.”

(Via Japan Today)
I hear that outside of Japan and parts of Europe this isn’t getting much press. How Carlos Ghosn’s incarceration goes interests me. Not that I plan to visit a Japanese jail, I want to make clear.

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